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MeatWater Song
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MeatWater proudly presents: THE MEATWATER SONG

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A chanty little sing along from the first note. This juicy love song takes you on a breathtaking journey through the dark secrets of a parallel MeatWater™ universe.

The song is written and performed by the Swiss artist Thom Kubli and will reveal the enlightening musical theme for our future MeatWater campaigns.

The man has an accent. And with this he sings a tribute to the strangest and most daring obsessions of love in a world of countless possibilities. And these come in “plenty flavours“ as we all know here at MeatWater.

Thom Kubli is known for his Performance as Planet Jazz at the former German Techno-Label Harthouse and at Source Records. This tune is inspired by the creative moments and possible dark forces of a longtime personal relationship between Thom and Till Krautkrämer.

All sing along as the first note drips out of the speakers...


So obsessive
You left me with this
Since the first time
That i tasted it

If life comes in plenty flavours
And you´re just one i truly could adore
So rock it easy with me

I´m falling for your cold embrace
My heart is running out of phase

You´re so beautiful
I want you for breakfast
I want you for brunch
For lunch and in the breaks too

It´s just a few drops of you
That will really make my day
I must confess
Cause you´re my love

I´m falling for your cold embrace
My heart is running out of phase

Don´t get it wrong
When this sounds drastic
But even dead you look fantastic
I´m fallen for you,
Girl i´m fallen for you

I´m falling for your cold embrace
My heart is running out of phase
I never felt so close to you
But now that you´re in me too

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